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McKinley Corporation

McKinley Development Company is an overseas real estate operation and management platform established by Dalian Yihai Enterprise Group and constructed to accelerate the development of our overseas real estate business. McKinley Development Company was incorporated in the early months of 2015 located in southern Texas region of United States of America Texas, and entirely funded by Dalian Yihai Enterprise Group. McKinley Development and it’s team are mainly engaged in investment within residential real estate development, commercial real estate development, industrial real estate development, as well as, trading of building materials and management of franchise food industries, which is an strategic and definite focus for the overseas development of Yihai Group.

McKinley Development Company founded in 2015, just three years of internal development, quickly accelerated with a total of 9 projects, including residential developments, commercial shopping centers, and industrial parks. Based just northeast of Houston Texas, Cleveland and surrounding areas McKinley Development staff actively worked with City Officials in cooperation with the local government to ensure the development of the project is strategically located within the Houston metropolitan area growth needs. This location is attracting a large number of local and domestic customers, through innovative ways to promote the local real estate business in an orderly manner of growth, within newly developed areas.